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Early pioneer Hartleys in America [some mentioned below] are found in Pennsylvania and Virginia.

One of the earliest American Hartley Family Trees is recorded in:

The 'Hartley Record' ...


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Part Two. 1800 onwards

continued ...

Joseph Hartley, Jr., and Ann Hoult were married November 13, 1794, their children's names are as follows:
Ulysses Hartley, born November 3, 1795, died March 8 1796;
Polly Hartley, born August 17, 1797, died April 28, 1877, married John Kincaid, March 2, 1815;
Ralph Hartley, born November 4, 1799, died May 21, 1806;
Elizabeth W. Hartley, born June 11, 1802, died April 5, 1888, married Abraham Talkington, Oct.9, 1828; Mahala Hartley, born May 24, 1804, died October 26, 1880, not married;
Ann H. Hartley, born December 29, 1806, died July 30, 1887, not married;
Nathan Hartley, born July 22, 1809, died July 4, 1871, married Elizabeth Hoult, Dec. 9, 1832;
Hannah Hartley, born September 20, 1811, died Oct. 26, 1879, married John J. Prickett, June 7, 1832;
Sarah O. Hartley, born May 10, 1814, died April 10, 1902, married Jacob Prickett, Jan. 8, 1835;
Joseph Owen Hartley, born July 29, 1817, died May 26, 1889, married Jemima A. Prickett, Aug. 30,1838.

Polly Hartley and John Kincaid, her husband, were married March 2, 1815. Their children are as follows:
Ann H. Kincaid, born August 19, 1816, died April 24, 1892;
Joseph H. Kincaid, born November 16, 1818, died March 2, 1881;
Alphus M. Kincaid, born September 24, 1822, died January 11, 1867.

Ann H. Kincaid and James Prickett, her husband, were married September 19, 1839. Their children are as follows:
Mary E. Prickett, born January 5, 1841;
Mahala E. Prickett, born December 17, 1844;
John M. Prickett, born December 17, 1848;
Richard A. Prickett, born January 23, 1852; (hand written: "died Mar. 5th, 1930" may be 1938)
Caroline V. Prickett, born July 31, 1853;
Annie J. Prickett, born May 20, 1858.

Mary E. Prickett and Shelby F. Knight, her husband, were married October 20, 1864. Their children are as follows:
James Knight, born March 14, 1866;
Ann M. Knight, born February 28, 1867;
Etta Knight, born January 24, 1874;
Essie Knight, born October 1, 1875;
Wesley Knight, born February 4, 1878, died October 17, 1878.

James Knight and Ollie Ferell, his wife, were married April 11,1888. Their children are as follows:
Dena Knight, born April 9, 1889;
Earl Knight, born August 6, 1892; (hand written: "Fairmont Theater")
Lillian Knight, born March 3, 1896;
James Knight, Jr., born November 24, 1898;
Forest Knight, born May 9, 1901. (hand written: "Fuzzy Knight movie star")

Ann M. Knight and William O. Bailey, her husband, were married May 3, 1888. Their children are as follows:
Herbert V. Bailey, born April 3, 1889;
A. Guy Bailey, born January 16, 1891;
C. Russel Bailey, born April 24, 1892;
Ulma E. Bailey, born December 30, 1894

Etta Knight and Harry Johnson, her husband, were married December 19, 1889. Their children are as follows:
Fred K. Johnson, born October 11, 1890;
Mary E. Johnson, born August 8, 1892;
Anna M. Johnson, born May 16, 1895, died May 16, 1895;
Alma R. Johnson, born January 9, 1899.

Essie Knight and Frank Barnes, her husband, were married March 3, 1897. No children.

John M. Prickett and Anna McElfresh, his wife, were married June 4, 1878. Their children are as follows:
Lola B. Prickett, born July 16, 1881;
Stella Maud Prickett, born August 22, 1884;
Clarance James Prickett, born January 15, 1888.

Caroline V. Prickett and Sandford E. Flemming, her husband, were married April 18, 1878. Their children are as follows: Walter H. Flemming, born July 27, 1879; Willie W. Flemming, born February 4, 1882; James Flemming, born November 5, 1883.

James Flemming and Ora A. Knight, his wife, were married September 14, 1905. Their children are as follows:
Minnie K. Flemming, born June 14, 1906;
Charles A. Flemming, born September 8, 1907.

Anna J. Prickett and Linsey F. Satterfield, her husband, were married May 19, 1894. No children

Joseph H. Kincaid and Elizabeth Johnson, his wife, were married Sep[tember 23, 1841. Their children are as follows:
Infant, born and died April 1, 1843.
John B. Kincaid, born April 11, 1845, died April 7, 1847;
Columbia E. Kincaid, born April 24, 1847, died January 9, 1892;
Joseph E. Kincaid, born May 13, 1849;
Oliver C. Kincaid, born March 13, 1851, died July 25, 1908;
Mary E. Kincaid, born October 1, 1853;
Lorah Bell Kincaid, born September 8, 1862.

Columbia E. Kincaid and Reginia Loar, his wife, were married February 9, 1874, wife died May 4, 1888. Married second wife, Lue Moran, October 24, 1889. The children by his first wife, are as follows:
Amazone E. Kincaid, born Decmber 23, 1874, died April 7, 1902;
Guy L. Kincaid, born January 26, 1877;
Albert C. Kincaid, born August 12, 1878;
Elizabeth V. Kincaid, born October 7, 1880;
Martin J. Kincaid, born May 23, 1882;
Grover C. Kincaid, born August 2, 1883;
Mary B. Kincaid, born February 20, 1885;
Madison E. Kincaid, born September 27, 1886, died July 19, 1907;
Reginia A. Kincaid, born April 14, 1888;

Virgil C. Kincaid, born May 19, 1891, second wife's son.

continued The First American Hartleys [Part Three]

In the USA, a few of the Hartleys in the USA go back a long way ... some of the earliest records show Hartleys in Accomack, Virginia; Patterson's Creek, Hampshire, Virginia; Westmoreland Co, , , Virginia; Hampshire, Kentucky; Sassafras River, Stephen's Parish, Cecil, Maryland; Colleton, South Carolina; and Solebury, Lahaska, Bucks, Pennsylvania as early as 1680-1700
most Hartleys journeyed and settled there much later on with waves of emigrants from England and Ireland.

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