The First American Hartleys ...

Early pioneer Hartleys in America [some mentioned below] are found in Pennsylvania and Virginia.

One of the earliest American Hartley Family Trees is recorded in:

The 'Hartley Record' ...
[NOTE FROM HartleyFamilyOrgUK: this connects to the ancestry of John HARTLEY [1580] of Chamber [Quaker] Bridge, Little Marsden, England - 'The HARTLEYs of Chamber' [see below]].


[NOTE FROM HartleyFamilyOrgUK: CHECK THE NAMES AGAINST THE LDS WEBSITE www.familysearch.org for confirmation and more details]

The 'Hartley Record' was compiled by J.R. and William HARTLEY - two brothers of Chrisman, Ill - 1908 "This book contains the complete record of the family of Joseph HARTLEY, Jr., and Ann [nee HOULT] HARTLEY his wife, and their descendants with considerable of the records of their ancestors, who came from England to America prior to 1702; about 1682 or 1683".

PREFACE. The last written, usually, though the first read by most intelligent book men, is this page; hence it is, that authors often use this privilege to fence against adverse criticism, or apologize for errors of omission or commission. Singular forgetting the fact that nothing of man's creation is perfect and that the dear critics are not only busy pointing out "the mistakes of others," but are exploiting upon the faults of creation itself.

We welcome them all, for doubters and critics we esteem the salt of every civilization and we will rest content. That every person competent to know, after even a superficial examination will realize that the whole has not been the work of "the idle singer of an empty day."

Instead of devoting a large space to prehistoric times, it is intended to make this a live Cyclopedia which, while it preserves much that is valuable in the past, will include the names and dates of those that are molding the thoughts of the present time.

This Record, we believe, will supply an invaluable and useful means for establishing identity, of relationship, etc.

J.R. and William HARTLEY are decedents of the Fifth Generation from Edward HARTLEY, one of the pioneer brothers from England.

The HARTLEYs are of English Quaker origin, who came from the Moother [sic] Country, England, to America, prior to 1682 or 1683. There seems to have been four or more of the pioneer HARTLEYs probably brothers who came from England: they were Anthony HARTLEY, James HARTLEY, Edward HARTLEY and Henry HARTLEY.

Edward HARTLEY and Henry HARTLEY, two brothers, pioneers in America settled in Solebury township, Bucks county, Pennsylvania, near Philadelphia prior to 1702. Anthony HARTLEY, a "Ventner" [Wine Merchant] purchased land in Philadelphia in 1714 and died there in 1732 apparently without issue, his will names no children but devise his estate to his brothers, James HARTLEY, Henry HARTLEY and his sister Mary and wife Mary.

Edward HARTLEY was a resident of Solebury when a deed was made to him May 28, 1702 for 300 acres of land there upon which he lived until his death in 1745. Tho he had conveyed the greater part thereof to his two sons Thomas and Roger HARTLEY, he was not a member of the society of Friends but his two sons, Thomas and Roger made application for membership in Buckingham Meeting in 1724. The land was located near the line of Buckingham township, and less than a mile from Buckingham Meeting-house, where the Friends of both townships worshiped until 1810, when a meeting house was erected. The will of Edward HARTLEY registered in the registrar's of will office at Doilestown in Will Book No. 2, Page 52, is dated fourth month, June 13, 1744, and was probated a year and a day later, June 14, 1745. [Under the old calendar prior to 1752, March was the first month of the year.] This will devised his estate to daughter Jennet HUGHES, his son Thomas HARTLEY, and his son Roger's seven children as they arrive at the age of 21 years, real estate to sons, Thomas and John HARTLEY;

Roger HARTLEY, the second son, died September 3, 1743, in his 41st year, he had married June 21, 1727, Rebecca PACKER who after his death married Matthew ASPDEN, and had a son Matthew ASPDEN, Jr., who died without issue leaving an immense estate to his half-brothers and sisters and their representatives, then much scattered over the United States which has been a source of considerable agitation and litigation among the HARTLEYs to this day.

[NOTE FROM HartleyFamilyOrgUK: LDS RECORDS SHOW ROGER'S FATHER AS 'SAMUEL EDWARD HARTLEY', NOT 'EDWARD HARTLEY'. ROGER'S MOTHER WAS SARAH MIDGLEY. [there are places named Midgley near Wakefield and Halifax, Yorkshire]

Roger and Alice's children were - Anthony Hartley * - James Hartley * - Henry Hartley * - Mary Hartley - Jane Hartley - Ann Hartley - Ellen Hartley - Alice Hartley - Judah Hartley - Jennet Hartley - Edward Hartley ** so that confirms the four pioneer brothers, Anthony, Henry, James and Edward]

[NOTE FROM HartleyFamilyOrgUK: what follows is the ancestry of Edward HARTLEY in England] - [thanks to Pat A.JUNKIN for info on Roger Hartley m.Alice Vipont 'The HARTLEYs of Chamber'].

Earlier Generations:
[work in progress by William Hartley at william@hartleyfamily.org.uk]

descended from John de Harley b.1035 m.Alice de Leighton b.1050 of Harley, Shropshire
Sir William de Harley 1124 of Harley, Shropshire > Nicholas de Harley 1148 > William de Harley 1167 Nicholas de Harley 1195 > Robert de Harley 1224 > Richard de Harley 1256 > Robert de Harley 1286 of Harley, Shropshire >
Brian de Harley 1320
of Brampton Bryan Castle, Herefordshire >
Brian de Harley 1366 >
Geoffrey Harley 1384
of Brampton Bryan Castle, Herefordshire [Domesday Book 1086] >
John de Harley b.1431 d.1495 m.Joane Hackluyt b.1435 d.1487
of Brampton Bryan Castle, Herefordshire [Domesday Book 1086]
Sir Richard Harley b.1460 d.1529 m.Catherine Vaughan b.1462 d.1493 [High Sheriff of Shropshire]
Sir John Harley b.1491 d.1542 m.Lady Ann Croft b.1495 d.1562
of Brampton Bryan Castle, Herefordshire [Domesday Book 1086]
Lady Ann Croft was descended from King William I [the Conqueror]

King William I [the Conqueror] b.14 Oct 1025 Falaise, France d.10 Sep 1087 Rouen, France m.1050-1053 Mathilde de Flanders b.1031/32 d.3 Nov 1083 Caen, France

> King Henry I Beauclerc b.1068 Selby, Yorkshire d.1135 Angers, France
>> Geoffrey of Anjou
>>> King Henry II b.1133
>>>> Richard Plantagenet b.5 Jan 1208/09 Winchester d.2 April 1272 Berkhamstead Castle, Hertfordshire m.[1] Isabella Marshall 1231; m.[2] Sanche Berenguer 1240-1255; m.[3] Joan

>>>> King John b.1166 d.1216
>>>>>Richard de Cornwall b.1255 d.1296 m.Joan de St Owen
>>>>>>Geoffrey de Cornwall b.1288 d.1335
>>>>>>>Richard de Cornwall b.1311/13 d.1343
>>>>>>>>Richard de Cornwall b.1360 Ardleigh, Essex d.1443 Ardleigh, Essex
m.Cecilia Marbury b.1364 Weobley Castle, Herefordshire d.1417
>>>>>>>>>Sir Edmund de Cornwall b.1382 Burford, Shropshire d.1435 Cologne, Germany m.Elizabeth de la Barre
>>>>>>>>>>Eleanor de Cornwall b.1428 d.1519 m.Richard Croft b.1430 d.1509 of Croft Castle, Leominster, Herefordshire
>>>>>>>>>>>Edward Croft b.1465 d.1562 m.Joyce Scull of Croft Castle, Leominster, Herefordshire
>>>>>>>>>>>>Lady Ann Croft b.1495 Croft Castle, Leominster, Herefordshire d.1562 Brampton Bryan Castle, Herefordshire

John Harley b.1521 d.1580 m.Maud Warnscombe b.1521 d.1589
Nicholas Hartley b.1537 Stone Edge, Lancashire m.Alice Jackson b.1525 d.1564
Roger Hartley b.1563 Colne, Lancashire m.Susannah Whitaker b.1573 d.1613 Susannah Whitaker was descended from Edmund of Wessex b.873 d.899

First Generation: [work in progress]

John Hartley, the elder, of Chamber in Marsden, made his will in November 1608 and was buried 1610. In his Will he names John Hartley, Christopher Hartley, Elizabeth Hartley, Isabell Hartley, Roger Hartley, Jennet Hartley and Anne Hartley, his sons and daughters. Names a wife Jenet and cites land in Little Marsden, Manor of Ightenhill now “in occupation of mee John Hartley and John my sonne.” Wife Jenet and son Roger Hartley exors. Mentions Ellis Son of John Nutter and Roger Hartley of Wycoller Wits Edmund Robinson, Robert Ingham

Second Generation: [work in progress]
[1] John Jeremy HARTLEY b. 1 Aug 1602 married [a] m.Uxor Johis Hartley de Chamber Sept. 19, 1620; [b] m. 1622 no name Grace de Wynwall b.1606 [NB: ? the 1626 marriage of Grace of Winewall to John does not fit this profile] John d.1653.
Grace's father was Henry Hartley.
Their children:
[1] John Hartley chr. 14 Sept 1623, d. 12 Dec. 1632
[2] Roger HARTLEY b. 6 April 1628
[3] Elena Hartley b. 23 May 1630

Third Generation:
[2] Roger HARTLEY b. 6 April 1628 d.1715 m. Alice VIPONT 10 May 1633 d.1701, daughter of Edward VIPONT and Jane HALSTEAD [the VIPONTs of Pendragon Castle, Cumbria, see Hartley History page].
Their children:

[1] John s/o Roger of Chamber Brigg b. 18.6.1656 [Colne Register]
[2] Thomas s/o Rodger of Chambor d. 29.1.1658 [Colne Register]
[3] Ellen b. 12.2.1660 d/o Roger of Chamber Brigg [Colne Register]
The house, Chamber, in Little Marsden is situated near Quaker Bridge and Quaker Bridge was also known as Chamber Bridge, therefore, I believe the children born to Roger HARTLEY of Chamber Brigg [Bridge] and listed in the Colne Register are probably ours.
[1] Roger 1663/4 Marsden MM minutes of “Chambers in Marsden”
[2] Edward 1666/3/16 Marsden MM minutes of “ Chambers in Marsden” Edward d.1745 Solebury Township, Bucks County Pennsylvania [thanks Karen Uslin for the info]
[3] Jenet 1668/1/30 Marsden MM minutes of “Chambers in Marsden”
[4] Henry 1670/2/8 Marsden MM minutes of “Chambers in Marsden”
[5] Ann 1672/1/31 Marsden MM minutes of “Chambers in Marsden”
[6] Anthony 1672/1/31 Marsden MM minutes of “Chambers in Marsden”
[7] Jane 1674/7/10 Marsden MM minutes of “Chambers in Marsden”
There is a Roger Hartley "of Wheatley", an old village located between Burnley and Nelson, whose children fit the children named in the will of Jane VIPONT.....Marsden MM: Alice d. 1682/11/11 buried Heyhead John d. 1682/2/25 Thomas Anthony d. 1683/10/25 Judith d. 1684/3/2, buried Heyhead

Fourth Generation:
[2] Edward HARTLEY 1666/3/16 Marsden MM minutes of “ Chambers in Marsden” d.1745 married at Heptonstall to Sarah MIDGLEY [1673-1743] and emigrated to Bucks County, PA by 1700. they had the following children:
[1] John b. 1689, Lancashire, m. Sarah
[2] Thomas b. 29 Dec. 1700 at Lahaska Township, m. Elizabeth PAXSON [1709-1786] c.1725, d.1787 in Solebury Township [thanks Karen Uslin for extra info *see below]
[3] Roger b. 1702 m. Rebecca PACKER
[4] Edward b. 1704 Jennett [HartleyFamilyOrgUK thinks Jennett HUGHES, see above] ??

*Thomas HARTLEY and Elizabeth PAXSON had a son Anthony [b.1730 in Solebury Township, d.1811 in Buckingham Township] Anthony was married several times but it's his second wife Nancy BULLITT that is my 7 times great grandmother. They have a son Anthony [b. 1753 in Solebury Township and d. 1803 in Salem County, New Jersey]. Anthony marries Isabella STEWART [b. 1764 d. May 14, 1847], his second wife; Anthony was involved in the Revolutionary War in the USA; they have a son Samuel [b. January 25, 1796 in Salem County, New Jersey, d. January 17, 1861 in Philadelphia] Samuel marries Eliza Wilson BRYANT [b. September 28, 1796 d. September 13, 1877] and they have a son Joseph [b. 1829 in New York and d. November 17, 1886 in Philadelphia]. Joseph marries Mary DUNGAN [b. around 1835 in Delaware and dies after 1930 in Philadelphia] and they have a son Edward [b. January 13, 1861 in Philadelphia, d. after 1930 in Philadelphia] Edward marries Sarah HOOVEN [b. 1865 in Maryland, d. after 1930 in Philadelphia] and they have a son Edward [b. August 20, 1883 in Philadelphia and d. July 1966 in Philadelphia]. Edward marries Clara McGRAUGH and they have a son Edward [b. March 14, 1903 in Philadelphia and d. April 6, 1988 in Philadelphia]. Edward marries Hilda LINDH [b. August 30, 1901, d. June 8, 1973] and they have a daughter, Clare [b. September 14, 1928 in Philadelphia and she's still living]. Clare marries Albert MEALEY [b. February 13, 1926 d. April 2, 2002, both in Philadelphia].

Fifth Generation:

The children of [3] Roger b.1702 and Rebecca [PACKER] HARTLEY were:
Jennett who died unmarried;
Bathseba who died in infancy;
Ann, who married William HINCHMAN;
Roger three times married; Roger HARTLEY married [1] Dorothy RILEY [b.1759] [2] Hannah ?? [3] Agnes SEBRING [1732-1773]. Roger and Agnes had 8 children, one of whom was James HARTLEY from which I descend [thanks to Bob Hartley for this info.]
Benjamin James, A Merchant of Philadelphia, died without issue;
Bathseba the second who married Elna-than ZANE;
and Rebecca who married John HAIGH of New Jersey.

[1] John HARTLEY died in 1757 leaving a widow, Sarah, and children, William, Judith, John, Jonathan, Ann and Thomas; the last two under age.

[2] Thomas HARTLEY, son of Edward HARTLEY, one of the pioneer brothers was born about 1700, died 1787, made application for membership in Buckingham Meeting of the Society of Friends Oct. 1. 1724, and was admitted two months later. In February 1725 or 6 he declared intentions of marriage before this meeting with Elizabeth PAXSON, daughter of Henry PAXSON of Solebury and on March 1, 1725 or 6 they were granted permission to accomplish their said intentions according to the good order maintained among Friends. On June 19, 1727, his father conveyed to him 100 acres of land, part of the old homestead and at his death devised him another portion therof, in addition to this he purchased adjoining lands and at his death owned about 500 acres of land lying contiguous in Solebury Township north of the present village of Lahaska. His will dated January 27, 1787, devised land to sons, Anthony, Benjamin and William, and daughter Letitia RICE, and to son Joseph, One Hundred pounds. Other legacies to grandchildren, etc.

The children of Thomas and Elizabeth [nee PAXSON] HARTLEY, who were married March 1, 1725 or 6 were:
Sarah Hartley, born 1726, married Jacob BEANS.
Mary Hartley, born 1727, died 1746.
Thomas Hartley, Jr., born 1729, died 1746.
Anthony Hartley, born 1730, twice married, many children;
William Hartley, born 1732, married Katharine FISHER in 1757, died 1805 and left issue;
Elizabeth Hartley, born 1734, married 1753 John FELL, left issue.
Martha Hartley, born 1735, married Like WILLIAM, and had 5 children;
Anne Hartley, Born 1738, married 1757 James HILL and had issue;
Rachel Hartley, born 1740, married 1765 Ephriam SMITH;
Joseph Hartley, born 8th mo. [October] 18, 1742, married twice. First marriage May 27, 1765 to Sarah RICHARDS; Second marriage November 8, 1767 to Elizabeth WASSON;
Benjamin HARTLEY, born 1745, married 1760 to Elizabeth SINCOOK; [his son Joseph HARTLEY removed to Ohio];
Mahlon HARTLEY, born 1749, married 1773 Hannah MOON; they moved to Green County, Pennsylvania, he died in 1824.
Joseph HARTLEY married "Out of Unity" with Friends to one not a member and was dealt with by Buckingham Meeting August, 1765, when it is tested that he was precautioned by a friend to the contrary and that he married against his parents consent, he was finally disowned by meeting January 6, 1766.

Joseph HARTLEY, Sr., son of Thomas and Ellizabeth [PAXSON] HARTLEY, born October 18, 1742, died January 9, 1824, he was twice married; first May 27, 1765 to Sarah RICHARDS, daughter of Isaac and Lida RICHARDS, [she was born December 16, 1749, and died July 13, 1766]. To the first union one child was born, Benjamin HARTLEY, on June 8, 1766. Joseph HARTLEY for his second wife married Elizabeth WASSON, [daughter of John and Ann Wasson] who was born Oct. 12, 1747 and married Joseph HARTLEY November 8, 1767, she died December 6, 1834.

To this union were born 10 children, 11 in all as follows: .

Benjamin Hartley, born June 8 1766, first wife's child.
Camelia Hartley, born August 28, 1768, died June 2, 1838;
Ulysses Hartley, born October 21, 1770, died August 5, 1793;
Polly Hartley, born September 21, 1775;
Horatio Gates Hartley, born December 6, 1777, died February 1, 1851;
Elisha Hartley, born July 28, 1781, died February 12, 1785;
Edward Hartley, born October 19, 1783, died February 27, 1862;
Elijah Hartley, born August 19, 1785, died December 24, 1864;
Amos Garett Hartley, born March 10, 1792, died August 28, 1833;
Elizabeth Hartley, Joseph Hartley Sr's second wife went to Boothsville, Virginia [now West Virginia], after her husband's death to live with her daughter Polly, who married Thomas WILLSON. She died ----------- and was buried near Boothsville, now West Virginia.
Benjamin Hartley, married Cassie ROBINSON;
Camelia Hartley, married Evan MORGAN;
Ulysses Hartley, not married, died young;
Joseph Hartley, married Ann HOULT;
Polly Hartley, married Thomas WILLSON;
Horation G. Hartley, married Elenor WILLSON;
Elisha Hartley, not married, died young;
Edward Hartley, married Margret MILLER;
Elijah Hartley [first married Annie MILLER; second married Mary THOMPSON];
Elizabeth Hartley, not married, died young;
Amos G. Hartley, [first married Rhoda MILLER; second married Mary MILLER] cousins;
Joseph Hartley, Jr., son of Joseph Sr., and Elilzabeth [nee WASSON] Hartley, was born February 10, 1773, died June 28, 1868. He married Ann HOULT, daughter of Ralph and Ann [nee OWENS] Hoult, November 13, 1794.
Ann Hoult was born in Montgomery County, Maryland, August 15, 1775, and married Joseph Hartley, Jr., November 13, 1794, died in Marion county Virginia, now West Virginia, October 12, 1853. They were buried in the old Prickett Cemetery near the mouth of Prickett's Creek, West Virginia.
Ann Hoult, wife of Joseph Hartley Jr., had three brothers and four sisters, their names are as follows:
Lawrence Hoult, born November 2, 1760, died............. married ............
William Hoult, born March 6, 1763, died September 29, 1827; Elizabeth Simpson Hoult, born January 16, 1765, died 1833; Dorcus Hoult, born May 10, 1767, died December 29, 1805, married John Haymond;
Barbara Hoult, born April 28, 1769, died............ married.........Hickman;
John Hoult, born January 28, 1771, died ..........;
Rebecca Hoult, born May 23, 1773, died ......... married.............. Lewis;
Ann Hoult, born August 15, 1775, died October 12, 1853, married Joseph Hartley.

This concludes the "PREFACE"


[ [ NOTES FROM LINDA:There are 28 pages to this book, I have written only eight [above] ! Some of the surnames in the pages to come are: Kincaid, Prickett, Knight, Flemming, Verbrych, Talkington, Duncan, Ogden, Brooke, Featherngill, Waldruff. It is mainly names and dates, not much story to the rest, just a couple of pencil notes about two or three people.]

1. Allen Hartley M
2. Amos Garrett Hartley Gender: M Birth/Christening: 10 Mar 1792 , Marion Co., Virginia
3. Amos Hartley Gender: M
4. Anne Hartley F Birth/Christening: 28 Jul 1738 Lahaska, Bucks Co., Pennsylvania
5. Anthony Hartley M Birth/Christening: 3 Dec 1730 Lahaska, Bucks Co., Pennsylvania
6. Asenith J. Hartley F
7. Benjamin Hartley M Birth/Christening: 6 Dec 1745 Lahaska, Bucks Co., Pennsylvania
8. Benjamin Hartley M Birth/Christening: 8 Jun 1766 , Bucks Co., Pennsylvania
9. Benjamin Hartley M Death/Burial: bef 1844
10. Camilla Hartley F Birth/Christening: 28 Aug 1768 , Bucks Co., Pennsylvania
11. Edward Hartley M Birth/Christening: 16 May 1666 , Marsden, Lancastershire, England
12. Edward Hartley M Birth/Christening: 19 Oct 1783 , Marion Co., Virginia
13. Elijah Hartley M Birth/Christening: 19 Aug 1785 , Marion Co., Virginia
14. Elisha Hartley M Birth/Christening: 28 Jul 1781 , , MD
15. Elisha Hartley M
16. Elisha Hartley F
17. Elizabeth Hartley F Birth/Christening: 16 Nov 1733 Lahaska, Bucks Co., Pennsylvania
18. Elizabeth Hartley F Birth/Christening: 7 Jul 1789 , Marion Co., Virginia
19. Elizabeth Hartley F
20. Elizabeth Hartley F Death/Burial: 23 Oct 1861
21. Elisabeth L. Hartley Gender: F
22. Elisabeth Hartley F
23. Horatio Gates Hartley M Birth/Christening: 6 Dec 1777 , , MD
24. Jannett Hartley F Birth/Christening: abt 1710 Solebury, Bucks Co., Pennsylvania
25. John Hartley M Birth/Christening: abt 1702 Solebury, Bucks Co., Pennsylvania
26. Joseph Hartley M Death/Burial: bef 1844 , , Indiana
27. Joseph Hartley M Birth/Christening: 18 Oct 1742 Lahaska, Bucks Co., Pennsylvania
28. Joseph Hartley M Birth/Christening: 10 Feb 1773 , , MD
29. Joseph Hartley M
30. Linnie J. Hartley F
31. Mahlon Hartley M Birth/Christening: 21 Jul 1749 Lahaska, Bucks Co., Pennsylvania
32. Margaret J. Hartley F
33. Martha Hartley F Birth/Christening: 26 Aug 1735 Lahaska, Bucks Co., Pennsylvania
34. Mary M. Hartley F
35. Mary Hartley F Birth/Christening: 19 Jan 1727 Lahaska, Bucks Co., Pennsylvania
36. Rachel Hartley F Birth/Christening: 2 Jul 1740 Lahaska, Bucks Co., Pennsylvania
37. Roger Hartley M Birth/Christening: 1705 Lahaska, Bucks Co., Pennsylvania
38. Sarah Hartley F 39. Sarah Ann Hartley - Pedigree Resource File Gender: F
40. Sarah Hartley F
41. Sarah Hartley F Birth/Christening: 7 Dec 1726 Lahaska, Bucks Co., Pennsylvania
42. Thomas Hartley M Birth/Christening: 6 Jul 1729 Lahaska, Bucks Co., Pennsylvania
43. Thomas Hartley M Birth/Christening: 1700 Lahaska, Bucks Co., Pennsylvania
44. Ulysses Hartley M Birth/Christening: 21 Oct 1770 , Bucks Co., Pennsylvania
45. Verlinda B. Hartley F
46. William Hartley M Birth/Christening: 15 Apr 1732 Lahaska, Bucks Co., Pennsylvania
47. William M. Hartley M Birth/Christening: abt 1816

continued The First American Hartleys [Part Two]

In the USA, a few of the Hartleys in the USA go back a long way ... some of the earliest records show Hartleys in Accomack, Virginia; Patterson's Creek, Hampshire, Virginia; Westmoreland Co, , , Virginia; Hampshire, Kentucky; Sassafras River, Stephen's Parish, Cecil, Maryland; Colleton, South Carolina; and Solebury, Lahaska, Bucks, Pennsylvania as early as 1680-1700
most Hartleys journeyed and settled there much later on with waves of emigrants from England and Ireland.

In 1840 - 36% of Hartleys lived in OH/PA = 244 families in total in USA

by 1880 - 40% of Hartleys lived in IL/IN/OH/PA/NY = 5763 families in total in USA

by 1920 - 41% of Hartleys lived in CA/MO/IL/IN/OH/PA/NY - 4185 families in total in USA

40% were Farmers [1880] against 35% for the total population.

[source - ancestry.com]

see The First American Hartleys [Part One]

see The First American Hartleys [Part Two]

see The First American Hartleys [Part Three]

see 1607 Jamestown, Virginia The First English Settlement

see 1620 Pilgrim Fathers: Plymouth, Massachusetts

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