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Descendants from Dorset, Berkshire, Somerset, Yorkshire and Cumberland

The distinguished HARTLEY Families of Chorlton, and descendants, contribute several members of the HARTLEY Hall of Fame, notably: Doctor David Hartley MD FRS [1705-1757] English Metaphysician, Psychologist and Philosopher; his son David HARTLEY MP [1731-1813]; Robert Milham HARTLEY [1796-1881] Philanthropist and Woollen Manufacturer; Marcellus HARTLEY [1827-1902] Manufacturer of Guns; Marcellus HARTLEY DODGE [1881-1963]; The Hartley Farms.
Here follows what is known of the Decendants of The Hartley Family of Chorlton.The work is ongoing and incomplete. *Special thanks to Alan Ross Brossoie and family for contributing so much information, family trees and photographs, on the James HARTLEY-Robert Milham HARTLEY Families.

Chorlton is also referred to as Chorlton-cum-Hardy and is now a suburb of the City of Manchester, Lancashire. Chorlton is thought to be derived from Ceorl, perhaps named after King Ceorl, or from the Saxon meaning Freeman or Common man [see Alderman Ceorl of Devonshire; Ceolwulf, King of Mercia and Kent; King of Northumberland; King of Wessex; King of Denmark; Ceorl, Ceolwulf's brother, King of Mercia]. The names Carl, Karl and Charles are also thought to come from Ceorl. Ceolfrith was an Abbot at the time of Bede c.650-750.
Hardy is thought to refer to 'Hearda's Island', south of Chorlton, which hartleyfamilyorguk believes was actually 'Hertha's Island', derived from the Earth Goddess, Hertha, and so is connected with the origins of the surname, HARTLEY [see: Who are the HARTLEYs?]. Hearda's Island would have been a 30 metres high, level area of land, surrounded by marshland, the Eeas, often flooded by the River Mersey. Today's Chorlton and Hardy both stand on raised areas, divided by a stream that runs into the Mersey. In the Textus Roffensis, HARTLEY is referred to as HERDIE, which hartleyfamilyorguk believes became Hardy in the place-name, Chorlton-cum-Hardy [or Chorlton-with-Hardy].
So in this context, the surname HARTLEY is derived from 'Heardanleah', from 'Hertha's Island' in the North of England; in the same way HARTLEY is derived from the 'Isle of Harty ['Hertha's Island'], on the Isle of Sheppey' in Kent, the South of England. The Earth Goddess Hertha would have been worshipped on both islands in the same way as she was worshipped on the Island of Rügen in the Baltic. Hertha was brought to England by Germanic-Saxons.
In Domesday, HARTLEY is recorded as ERCLEI and hartleyfamilyorguk believes this lead to the surnames De HARCLA, HARCLAY etc., both earlier versions of the surname HARTLEY.
It is interesting to note, off Hardy Lane at Chorlton-cum-Hardy is Cundiff Road; this could be corrupted from CUNDLIFF, a surname linked to the HARTLEY Family at Wycoller Hall [see HARTLEY History page].

> Henry HARTLEY [b.c.1540] b.Lancashire?
the family is descended from the 'Hartley Families of Chorlton' so it may be that Henry HARTLEY was born in Chorlton, Lancashire.

>{ Henry HARTLEY [b.c.1514 Northowram, Yorkshire] m.Elizabeth BOYTHES 03 OCT 1539 Yorkshire
>{ Henry born to Henry HARTLEY and Elizabeth BOYTHES 21 MAY 1543 Northowram, Yorkshire
> Henry born to John HARTLEY 24 JAN 1539/1540 Ovenden, Halifax, Yorkshire
> Henry HARTLEY [born to George] m.Alice HURSTWOOD 09 FEB 1562 Burnley, Lancashire
>{ Henry born to Robert HARTLEY [m.Janet PEELE 1574] 09 APR 1566 Dalton In Furness, Lancashire
>{ Henry HARTLEY m.Elizabeth YEATE 26 NOV 1589 Dalton In Furness, Lancashire
> Henry born to James HARTLEY 19 MAR 1572 Burnley, Lancashire
> Henry HARTLEY m.Jane RAMSDEN 07 JUL 1578 Elland, Yorkshire
> Henry HARTLEY m.Janet WOOD 09 AUG 1581 Whalley, Colne, Lancashire
> there are a lot of HARCLAY and HARCLEY families around Yorkshire and Lancashire c.16th-17thC, thought to be another spelling of HARTLEY

>{ eldest son: Anthony HARTLEY [b.c.1570] [birth unconfirmed]

> Christopher born to a Henry HARTLEY 14 AUG/SEPT 1567 Halifax, Yorkshire

> Henry HARTLEY d.17 FEB 1578 Halifax, Yorkshire

> Anthony HARTLEY [b.c.1570] b.Lancashire?

>{ Anthony born to John HARTLEY 20 OCT 1571 Burnley, Lancashire

>{ eldest son, first in descent: Christopher HARTLEY [thought to be b.c.1600]
>{ another son [line of second and third in descent] [thought to be b.c.1610]

> Christopher HARTLEY [b.c.1600]

>{daughter [b.c.1630] - married, unable to inherit Christopher's estate


> unknown male HARTLEY [b.c.1610]

> There may have been another son of Anthony, the father of Anthony's 'second in descent'.

> daughter HARTLEY [b.c.1630]
married, unable to inherit Christopher's estate

Christopher's line ends.


> unknown male HARTLEY [b.c.1640] Anthony's 'second in descent'.

> Christopher's estate was diverted to Rev.David HARTLEY [b.c.1674] as he was Anthony's 'third in descent'. But what was meant by 'third in descent from Anthony' ? was Rev.David, Anthony's great-grandson, Christopher's great-nephew, descended through another of Anthony's sons?

The case for Rev.David being Anthony's great-grandson follows: another son born to an Anthony c.1610; he would have been Christopher's brother; this second son may have had a son [second in descent from Anthony] who was Rev.David's father; so Rev.David's lineage could have been: Anthony b.c.1570 > Second son b.c.1610 > unknown son b.c.1640 > Rev.David b.1674,hence Rev.David was Anthony's great-grandson, Christopher's great-nephew.

> John born to an Anthony HARTLEY 05 JUN 1631 Gisburn, Yorkshire
> Christopher born to an Anthony HARTLEY 01 JAN 1642/1643 Gisburn, Bolton in Bowland,Yorkshire
> David born to a Soloman HARTLEY 22 JUL 1655 Halifax, Elland, Yorkshire
> David born to a Christopher HARTLEY 23 JUL 1661 Halifax, Yorkshire.
> David born to a Francis HARTLEY and Mary
16 MAR 1665 Baildon, Yorkshire
> David born to a John 27 JUN 1669 Bradford, Yorkshire [a David m.Alice POLLARD 24 JAN 1689 Bradford, Yorkshire]
> David born to a Thomas HARTLEY 03 NOV 1682 Bradford, Yorkshire [a David m.Dorothy WILSON 27 OCT 1703 Bradford, Yorkshire]
> Mary was born to a Christopher HARTLEY 09 AUG 1709 Heptonstall, Yorkshire.
> there are a lot of HARCLAY and HARCLEY families around Yorkshire and Lancashire c.16th-17thC, thought to be another spelling of HARTLEY

> Rev.David HARTLEY, [b.1674-1719] [birth unconfirmed] Anthony's 'third in descent'.

David HARTLEY was a Lincoln College, Oxford University graduate. From October 1693, he began teaching at the newly built Rev.Oliver Heywood School [Bell School] at Northowram Green, Halifax.
Next, he was the Vicar at Luddenden [1698-1702] and the Clerk and seventh Vicar at Illingworth, Halifax [Oct 1706-1717]. In his last years he became, and is best remembered as, the Vicar at Armley [1717-1719]. David died Nov 1719, his Will dated 10th March 1719 left his library to his son and daughter and 10s to each.

David married Everelda WADSWORTH on 12 May 1702. Everilda WADSWORTH was born 02 FEB 1676 at Elland, Yorkshire [her father was Timothy WADSWORTH [1646-1697], an Attorney at Rastrick who lived at Brearley Old Hall*, Luddendenfoot with his wives, Elizabeth, and Susannah HARRISON m.1677. In 1684, Timothy built the stone bridge at County Bridge, Mytholmroyd.]. Two of Everelda's sisters were Anne, and Elizabeth b.14 NOV 1689 Elland, Yorkshire; Anne is thought to have married John BROOKSBANK on 02 AUG 1679 Northowram And Coley-Nc, Northowram, Yorkshire; Elizabeth married Mr WOODHEAD and Mr STEEL. Both sisters lived at Brearley Mill, where Rev.David's children were later brought up [see below].

*Brearley Old Hall and Brearley Mill were in Erringden Deer Park [Heptonstall Park] founded c.1300 by the Earls of Warren, to breed deer for hunting in the Forest of Sowerbyshire. [see: Roebucks, Buckstones, Deerstones, Doestones] A fence and ditch remained around the Park until 1449 when Richard Plantagenet, 3rd Duke of York [1411-1460) the father of Edward IV and Richard III. As Lord of the Manor, Richard ordered the fence and ditch to be taken down and the land turned into tenanted farmland. A bell was used to call deer for feeding, giving the name to Bell House on Cragg Vale Moor, which was rented to William HARTLEY [see William's son, 'King' David HARTLEY the Cragg Vale Coiners]. William's other sons were William HARTLEY at Erringden, Isaac HARTLEY at Elphaborough Hall. See also Hoo Hole Water Mill [corn/fulling], Luddendenfoot, Mytholmroyd and Sowerby Ramble. John Wesley visited the area and preached beneath a chestnut tree that is believed to still grow there.

David and Everelda lived at Threapcroft House, Illingworth [built 17thC].
Everelda died on 14 JUL/SEP 1705 ["three months after the birth of David [June]" so likely September].

>{ James HARTLEY [b.c.1703] [birth unconfirmed] [see below] [NB: not mentioned on Rev.David's Will]
>{ David HARTLEY b.June 1705 [see below]
after Everald's death, both sons were brought up by Mrs [Anne] BROOKSBANK at Brearley Mill.
>{ Elizabeth HARTLEY [no DOB but likely 1702/1704] married Frances BOOTH of Little Town near Wakefield, Yorkshire

After Everelda's death, David married Sarah WILKINSON on 25 May 1707 Northowram and Coley-Nc, Northowram, Yorkshire, the daughter of Rev.Edward WILKINSON [Rev.Edward was b.1641 at Idle, his wife was Mary AMBLER m.31 Jul 1666 at Calverley, Yorkshire. Rev.Edward was David's predecessor at Illingworth Church and was the son of Thomas WILKINSON [1613-15 Feb 1683] who m.daughter of John ILLINGWORTH of Illingworth on 5 Jun 1679. Sarah was born 25 Apr 1671 at Calverley, Yorkshire, she died Aug 1718. David and Sarah had the following children:

>{ John b.c.1707 [m.c.1730 Mary, daughter of Thomas HOLKER of Elland, and had the following children:
>{ David HARTLEY b.c.1730
>{ Samuel b.c.1732 [m.Charlotte, daughter of Edward EYRE of Dronfield Woodhouse, on 19 Jun 1766 at Marylebone Church, London, their son Winchcombe Henry HARTLEY b.26 Feb 1773 at Lincoln Inn, Westminster, London, took the surname EYRE]
>{ Mary b.c.1734 [m.John FRANCIS]

>{ Bernard b.c.1708 [possibly m.Betty HIDE on 21 Apr 1735 at Halifax, Yorkshire]
>{ Mary b.c.1710 [m.Thomas BRADLEY of Halifax] [likely executrix to David HARTLEY's Will dated 1719]
>{ Sarah b.c.1712 [m.Thomas WADSWORTH of Wadsworth]
>{ Joan b.c.1714 [m.Thomas CORDINGLEY of Harchet, Yorkshire]
>{ Hannah b.c. 1716 [m.Robert ADDISON on 10 Feb 1753 at Halifax, Yorkshire]

NB: see foot of page for possible descendants of Rev.David and Sarah's children.

David HARTLEY's Family
James HARTLEY's Family
English Metaphysician, Psychologist and Philosopher.
Woollen Manufacturer

David HARTLEY MD FRS [1705-1757]
David Hartley 1705
David was born in June 1705 at Illingworth, Yorkshire. After his mother's death, he and James were brought up at Brearley Mill by their aunt, Mrs Anne BROOKSBANK nee WADSWORTH, and attended Boothtown Grammar School, Halifax and Bradford Grammar School. In 1722 he entered Jesus College, Cambridge. He studied classics, mathematics, and divinity and received his B.A. in 1726 and his M.A. in 1729. He was a fellow of Jesus from 1727 until he took leave in 1730. When he married a year later, his fellowship was terminated in accordance with the college statutes. Although devoutly religious, David had scruples against signing the articles and went into medicine instead of taking orders. He never obtained a medical degree but went to study in Newark, where he also began his practice. He then moved to Bury St. Edmunds. In 1735 he married for a second time and his wife’s private fortune enabled them to settle in London. But her ill health required them to move to the health spa of Bath, where they remained until his death. His son, also named David, became a statesman and inventor.
David HARTLEY died on 28th August 1757 at Bath, Somerset [possibly d.30 Sep 1757].

David HARTLEY was married twice. The first time in 1730 to Alice ROWLEY, who died the next year giving birth to their son David [1731-1813]. Alice was the daughter of John ROWLEY of Saffron Waldon.
>{ David HARTLEY MP [see below]
His second marriage was in 1735 to Elizabeth PACKER [1713-78], the daughter of Robert PACKER and Mary WINCHCOMBE of Shellingford and Bucklebury, both in Berkshire.
>{ Winchcombe Henry HARTLEY [see below]
>{ Mary HARTLEY b.12 June 1736, well accomplished in literature and the fine arts. Mary lived with her brother David and d.1803 [unmarried].


James HARTLEY [b.c.1703-17__]
Woollen Manufacturer


After his mother's death, he and David were brought up at Brearley Mill by their aunt, Mrs Anne BROOKSBANK nee WADSWORTH





may have m.Esther HUNTINGDON on 26 MAY 1729 Holy Trinity, Whitehaven










> Esther HARTLEY had the following children baptised at Independant, Cockermouth, Cumberland:
>{ Thomas HARTLEY b.08 NOV 1741
>{ Robert HARTLEY b.08 NOV 1741 [see below]
>{ Jane b.08 NOV 1741


David HARTLEY MP [1729-1813] [married?]

was born at Cockermouth, Cumbria in 1729 or Bath, Somerset in 1731.

David studied medicine at the University of Leyden.

Signing Treaty of Paris

son of the Metaphysician, Psychologist and Philosopher David HARTLEY [above], David lived at Little Sodbury House and later had homes at 20 Golden Square, London [1767-demolished in 1786], which he rented from his close relation Lady Frances Winchcombe, as well as an office for the commercial exploitation of his inventions on the opposite side of the square at No. 1, and a warehouse at Adelphi Wharf.. He also owned the Manor at East Shefford, which he bought from his half-brother, Winchcombe Henry HARTLEY in 1777, who bought it back in 1787 before passing it on to his son, Rev. Winchcombe Henry Howard HARTLEY.

Winchcombe Henry HARTLEY [1740-1794]

was Colonel of the Royal Gloucestershire Militia, and MP for the County of Berkshire in the Parliaments of 1774-80-90.

He was born 20 May 1740; baptised at Saint Anne Soho, Westminster, London

He m.Mary JENKINSON 30 August 1777 at Saint Anne Soho, Westminster, London [no children]

He later m. Ann BLACKWELL in 1787 [no record] and died 12 August 1794. Ann's father was Samuel BLACKWELL MP for Cirencester.



>{ Winchcombe Henry Howard HARTLEY only son [see below]


Robert HARTLEY [1736-1803]
born at Broughton, Lancashire but later lived and died at Cockermouth, Cumbria. He was a tall, fair, methodical and very punctual man. Robert married Martha SMITHSON on 15 AUG 1754 All Saints, Cockermouth, Cumberland, daughter of Isaac SMITHSON. Anglo-Breton DE SMETHTON family can be traced back to SMETHTON, North Yorkshire c.1066.

all children baptised at Independant, Cockermouth, Cumberland

>{ Martha HARTLEY b.05 AUG 1755
>{ Esther HARTLEY b.28 JAN 1757
>{ James HARTLEY b.24 JUN 1758
>{ William HARTLEY b.06 MAR 1761
>{ Jane HARTLEY b.13 FEB 1763
>{ Isaac HARTLEY b.03 FEB 1765 [see below]
>{ Robert HARTLEY b.07 OCT 1767
>{ Thomas HARTLEY b.01 JAN 1771, Pittsburg Manufacturer


During the 1760's David gained recognition as a scientist and, through mutual interests, became an intimate friend of Benjamin FRANKLIN.

On Putney Heath, to the south of Putney, is an obelisk erected by the corporation of London, with an inscription commemorating the experiments made in 1776, by David, which appeared to prove the efficacy of a method of building houses fire-proof, for the trial of which he had in 1774 obtained a grant from parliament of £2500. It consisted of laying thin iron or copper plates underneath floor boards, a system that had been invented and patented by his father David HARTLEY, fifty years previously. Between two floor boards were sheets of laminated iron or copper.

This metallic lining made the floor air-tight, and thereby stopped the heated air; so that, although the inferior boards were actually charred, the less inflammable material of metal prevented the process of combustion from taking place in the superior boards.

Rev. Winchcombe Henry Howard HARTLEY [1788-1832]
of Shillingford. Clerk and Vicar of Bucklebury.

Henry was b.22 June 1788 at Bucklebury.
Rev. Hartley married to Elizabeth WATTS of Bath on 21 August 1809 [her father was Samuel WATTS of Williamstrip Park, Gloucester] and died 9 September 1832, leaving a son

>{ Winchcombe Henry Howard HARTLEY [1810-1881] [see below]
>{ Elizabeth Anne
, who married the Count Demetrius de PALATIANO of Corfu, a Greek noble on 14 July 1834]
Count Demetrius de PALATIANO and Elizabeth Ann's children were Elizabeth Ann Hartley de Palatiano, Henry Leonidas Hartley Count de Palatiano, Nina Katherine Elena de Palatiano [later WEBLEY PARRY], Olivia Fanny de Palatiano [later WHITE] and Frances Oxenham Henrietta Santa de Palatiano [later RUSSELL]. Elizabeth Anne d.10 October 1877 [of Boulogne, France].


Isaac HARTLEY [1765-1851]
Woollen Manufacturer born 30th December 1765 at Cockermouth. He was a s
chool friend of the poet, William WORDSWORTH. Isaac married Isabella JOHNSON in 1787. Isabella was born at Embleton near Cockermouth in 1768.
Isaac travelled to America in 1797 on business, liked the place so much, he moved his family there in 1799 and settled at Schenectady, New York. Isabella died at Montgomery County SEP 1806. Isaac died 06 OCT 1851 at Perth, Fulton County, New York.

first four children baptised at Independant, Cockermouth, Cumberland
last two baptised in New York

>{ Martha HARTLEY b.16 FEB 1789 m.Alexander FERGUSON
>{ Isabella HARTLEYb.05 AUG 1791, unmarried
>{ Jane HARTLEYb 25 DEC1794 m.William ANDERSON
>{ Robert Milham HARTLEY b.17 FEB 1796 [see below]
>{ Mary HARTLEY b.15 SEP 1801 m.John BARLOW
>{ Isaac HARTLEY b.1804 m.[1]Sarah BARLOW m.[2]Catherine VEDDER 1812, d.22 APR 1880 [see Robert Milham HARTLEY [1851-1941] below]


These sheets of iron or copper were not thicker than tinfoil, yet when interposed between the double set of boards, and deprived of air, they effectually stopped the progress of the fire.

The invention, however, seems to have sunk entirely into obscurity. In practice, it seems to have had little effect at preventing the spread of fire in other buildings where it had been installed.

David entered Parliament as MP for Hull, East Yorkshire in 1774 and sat until 1780 and again from 1782 to 1784.

David was sympathetic to the Rockingham Whigs, although he did not hold office in either Rockingham ministry.

He was expert in public finance and opposed both the slave trade and the war with the American colonies

In 1778 he wrote a pamphlet "Letters on the American War" which accused Great Britain of tyranny over the colonies, urged recognition of American independence, and proposed 'mutual naturalization' between the two countries.

Although a liberal on American policy, David was a long-time friend of NORTH and strongly disliked SHELBURNE. He supported the Coalition by voting against Shelburne's peace preliminaries.

David was sent to Paris in April, 1783, to negotiate the definitive "Treaty of Paris" with the United States and to make a trade agreement.

Winchcombe Henry Howard HARTLEY [1810-1881]Winchcombe Henry Howard HARTLEY
Colonel of the Gloucestershire Militia, and High Sheriff of Berkshire J.P. Lord Of Manor Major [late R.S.G.Militia]
William Henry Howard HARTLEY was b.5 October 1810. He came into possession of Lyegrove Manor, Old Sodbury and Shaw-cum-Donnington Manor, Gloucestershire, in 1833.
On 20 June 1855 m.Emily BIEDERMANN, daughter of the Rev. George Augustus BIEDERMANN, of Dauntsey Wiltshire.
Henry had a nephew, Exham Schomberg Turner SWYNY, a Coffee Planter in Ceylon, who m.Bertha BIEDERMANN, Emily's niece.

After Henry died in Dec 1881 the estates in Berkshire and Gloucestershire descended to his co-heiresses - the Countess de PALATIANO of Corfu Nina Katherine Elena WEBLEY-PARRY [see below]; Olivia Fanny de Palatiano of Middlesex [m.William Acraman WHITE]; and Frances Oxenham Henrietta Santa de Palatiano of East Hendred Berkshire [m.Charles RUSSELL on 2 May 1876] [see below]; [www.familydeeds.org/GL40909.php] but a partition of the estates was carried out in 1906. [Since that time the families of each of these ladies have been Lords of the Manor in turn].


Robert Milham HARTLEY [1796-1881] Philanthropist and Woollen Manufacturer.

His parents were Isaac HARTLEY and Isabella JOHNSON. Robert Milham HARTLEY was born 17th February 1796 at Cockermouth, Cumbria.
He married Catherine MUNSON on 12 SEP 1824. Catherine's father was Reuben MUNSON, descended from Captain Thomas MUNSON; her mother was Abigail WILSEY.

Robert emigrated to the USA as an infant in 1799 and became a Merchant in New York City

In 1829 he founded the New York City Temperance Society, and in 1833-1842 held its Secretaryship. In 1842 he originated the New York Association for improving the condition of the poor, remaining with it thirty-five years, and issuing 34 octavo volumes of reports. Various charitable institutions in New York had their origin in him. Besides numerous contributions to the press, he published "Historical, Scientific, and Practical Essay on Milk" [New York 1841] and "Intemperance in Cities and Large Towns" [1851]
.Robert ran a dry goods business in New York City.
He died there on 3rd March 1881.

>{ Isabella HARTLEY b.09 FEB 1826 m.John SHERWOOD
>{ Marcellus HARTLEY b.23 SEP 1827 [see below]
>{ Joseph Wilfred HARTLEY b.09 JAN 1829 Foreign Shipping m.Florinda MORTON, d.28 DEC 1905 New York City
>{ Isaac Smithson HARTLEY b.24 SEP 1830 [see below]
>{ Ruben Munson HARTLEY b.15 MAY 1832 Farmer of Mohawk Valley, m.Jane VANDERVEER 8 MAR 1858
>{ Mary Barlow HARTLEY b.26 DEC 1834 m.Colon F BROWN
>{ Abigail Ann HARTLEY b.23 FEB 1836 m.Fred B WIGHTMAN, Attorney, New York City
>{ Catherine HARTLEY b.08 JUL 1838 d.9 DEC 1850 [fire]
>{ Martha Jane HARTLEY b.14 JUL 1840 m.Nathaniel COWDREY, d.15 SEP 1893, New York City
>{ Caroline Adelia HARTLEY b.18 SEP 1843 m.John Lefoy BROWER, New York City


The Treaty was signed on 3rd September 1783. Featured in the picture [with David HARTLEY not yet painted in on the right] are John ADAMS, Benjamin FRANKLIN, John JAY, Henry LAURENS and William Temple FRANKLIN [the latter two were omitted from commemorative stamps]

A 20 cents US postage stamp in 1996, commemorated the 200th anniversary of the "Treaty of Paris" [1783], which marked the formal end of the US independence from Great Britain.

After 1784 David HARTLEY retired from public life.

He died at Bath, Somerset on 19th
December 1813.

On Putney Heath is an obelisk erected by the Corporation of London, in 1776, commemorating David HARTLEY's experiments. Belvedere, where the Hartleys lived, is described as a "most beautiful spot, upon a high hill, at one of the extremities of the town of Bath, commanding an enchanting view of the Avon and all the surrounding country".

It is not known who David HARTLEY [1729-1813] married but it is thought he had five children:

Thomas HARTLEY b.29 Nov 1770 Cockermouth, Cumbria
m. Sarah REED [aka KEMP]
d.Pittsburg USA 31 Oct 1854






Nina Katherine Elena de PALATIANO m.David Kedgwin William WEBLEY PARRY, of Manoriefed Boncath, Cardiganshire on 8 April 1861. Being the daughter of Demetrius Count de Palatiano and Elizabeth Ann [nee HARTLEY] she held the title Countess de Palatiano. Her sister Elizabeth Ann Hartley de PALATIANO was a spinster at Bucklebury. Her brother Henry Leonidas Hartley Count de Palatiano d.6 November 1880 intestate and without ever having been married.

David d.December 1870 and Nina continued to live at Manoriefed Boncath, Cardiganshire. They had two daughters; Nina Katherine Angharad WEBLEY-PARRY b.September 1868 at Llandugwydd, Cardiganshire and Wilhelmina Mary S E W WEBLEY-PARRY b.March 1871 at Barnstaple, Devon,
d. June 1881 in Cardiganshire.

Nina later lived at Bradfield Berkshire where she d.
2 September 1917 aged 80.

The first and surviving daughter, Nina Katherine Angharad WEBLEY-PARRY of Noyadd Trefawr, Cardiganshire m. Captain Edward John PRYSE in November 1891 [later to become Major Sir Edward John Webley-Parry-PRYSE
2nd Bart.JP MFH 41st and 9th Welsh Regiment, d.20 Oct 1918 at Gogerddan, Cardiganshire. Sir Edward died without issue and was succeeded by his brothers, Sir Lewes Thomas Loveden [1864-1946], 3rd Bart., and George Rice-Pryse-Saunders [1870-1948], 4th Bart.]

Frances Oxenham Henrietta Santa de Palatiano married Charles RUSSELL of King’s Castle, Ardglass, Co Down. Their third son, Henry RUSSELL added his maternal grandfather’s surname to become Henry HARTLEY RUSSELL. Henry d.1959 and he was succeeded by his only son, Derek HARTLEY RUSSELL. Pam and Derek moved to Bucklebury House in 1957 and began the task of restoring Bucklebury House for he first time since it was largely destroyed in the fire of 1832. Derek was Chairman of Berkshire County Council [1967-1970] and High Sheriff of Berkshire [1973-1974]. He died in 1991, when his son Willie HARTLEY RUSSELL inherited the Bucklebury Estate. Willie is also Chairman of the family’s Charitable Trust, The Donnington Hospital Trust. Willie and Marina live at Bucklebury House, they have 5 sons between them


Marcellus HARTLEY [1827-1902]

Marcellus HARTLEY was born on 23rd September 1827 in New York City. His parents were Robert Milham HARTLEY and Catherine MUNSON. He was not tall, had a light frame, was fair, with bluish-grey eyes.
After training at his father's company, and with the importer, Francis Tomes and Sons, Marcellus became interested in firearms. He became joint founder-member of the firm, Schuyler, Hartley and Graham, manufacturers of firearms. Marcellus was made the American goverment's Union Army arms agent during the Civil War [1862] and was given the title, Brigadier-General by President Lincoln. He bought and became Chairman of Remington Arms [1888] and the Union Metallic Cartridge Company of Bridgeport, Connecticut. He supplied arms during the Franco-Prussian and Russo-Turkish Wars.
Marcellus was noted for his many charities, among them the founding, in 1897, of HARTLEY HOUSE, 413 West Forty-Sixth Street, the uniquely efficient settlement in New York City.
Marcellus married Frances Chester WHITE on 15 November 1855 at Madison Square Presbyterian Church. She was born 3 March 1833 in New York,USA. Her parents were Dr.Samuel Pomeroy WHITE and Caroline M JENKINS. Catherine MUNSON was related to the JENKINS family.

Marcellus died on 8th January 1902

1880 Census:
232 Madison Avenue, Manhattan, New York City
Marcellus HARTLEY Self M Male W 45 NY Manufacturer Of Guns NY NY
Fanny HARTLEY [Frances Chester WHITE] Wife M Female W 40 NY Keeping House NY NY
Grace HARTLEY Dau S Female W 19 NY NY NY
Helen HARTLEY Dau S Female W 19 NY NY NY
Norman White DODGE SonL M Male W 30 NY Lumber Merchant NY NY
Emma DODGE [nee HARTLEY] Dau M Female W 21 NY NY NY
Mary LAWS Other S Female B 21 VA Servant VA VA
Stephen LAWS Other S Male B 30 VA Servant VA VA
Rebboe TARRIE Other S Female B 22 VA Servant VA VA

Norman White DODGE was born 24 November 1846, the son of Hon.William Earl DODGE and Melissa PHELPS.Norman m.Grace GILLET c.1871 [she died] and then m.Emma HARTLEY, daughter of Marcellus HARTLEY on 6 MAY 1880

>{Caroline Jenkins HARTLEY [d.infant]
>{ Helen HARTLEY b.16 AUG 1860
Helen married George W JENKINS on 30 JUN 1892. They had two daughters, Helen HARTLEY JENKINS and Grace HARTLEY JENKINS.
>{ Grace HARTLEY b.16 AUG 1860
Grace married James Boulter STOKES in NOV 1882 and d. NOV 1896. They had a daughter, Emma HARTLEY STOKES b.DEC 1884, who d. NOV 1895 and a son Marcellus HARTLEY STOKES b.1886 d.infant.
>{ Emma HARTLEY b.16 AUG 1858 [see below]

Rev.Isaac Smithson HARTLEY [1830-1899]



Isaac was born 24 September 1830 in New York City. His parents were Robert Milham HARTLEY and Catherine MUNSON.



He graduated at New York University in 1852 and at Andover theological seminary in 1856.



After extensive travels he became pastor of the Union Reformed Dutch Church, New York City, in 1861.


Seven years later he removed to Philadelphia to become a Pastor in that city, and in 1871 he accepted the pastorate of the Reformed Christ Church at Utica, New York; later Rector of St James Episcopal Church, Great Barrington, Massachusetts.


He received in 1873 from Rutgers the degree of D. D., and the same year founded at that college the Vedder lectureship on modern infidelity, and published under its auspices "Prayer and its Relation to Modern Thought and Criticism" [New York, 1874]. His other works are " History of the Reformed Church, Utica, New York " [1880]; "Memorial of Reverend Philip H. Fowler, D. D. " (New York, 1881); " Memorial of Robert Milham Hartley" [Utica, 1881] ; "Old Fort Schuyler in History" [1884] ; and "The Twelve Gates," poems [Utica, 1887].

Rev.Isaac d.3 JUL 1899 Great Barrington, Massachusetts.



1880 Census:
Utica, Oneida, New York
Isaac Smithson HARTLEY Male W 47 b.NY Occupation: Clergyman. Father b.ENGLAND Mother b.NY
Isabella A. HARTLEY Wife Female W 44 b.PA Keeping House. Father b.IRELAND Mother b.PA
George D. HARTLEY Son S Male W 10 b.NY Father b.NY Mother b.PA
Kittie GOLDING Other S Female W 21 b.NY Servant. Parents b.IRELAND



Isaac's brothers and sisters:
Isabella m.SHERWOOD
Joseph Wilfred - Shipping/Electricity
Rueben Munson - Farmer
Mary Barlow m.
Abigail Ann m.Frederick B WIGHTMAN, Lawyer
Catherine m.
Martha Jane m.
Caroline Adelia m.John L BROWER, Campbell Printing and Manf.Co.




Emma married Norman White DODGE on 6 May 1880 and was provided with a home at 37th Street by her father, adjoining his home at 282 Madison Avenue, New York.

>{ Marcellus HARTLEY DODGE Snr. b.28 FEB 1881 New York City

Emma died 3 March 1881 a few days after her son's birth.
Norman remarried 5 January 1897

Marcellus HARTLEY DODGE [1881-1963]

Marcellus was born 28 February 1881. His parents were Norman White DODGE and Emma HARTLEY. After his mother's sudden death he was brought up by his grandmother, Frances Chester HARTLEY.
He attended Columbia University, graduating in 1903.
The HARTLEY family became one of the five richest families in America at the turn of the century. Marcellus married Ethel Geraldine ROCKEFELLER [1882-1973], daughter of William ROCKEFELLER, Co-founder of Standard Oil, on 18 April 1907,
which made them the richest couple in America at the time.

Marcellus was the Chairman of the Board of Remington Arms Company, the greatest small arms and ammunition plant in the world. He was a close friend of President Dwight D Eisenhower. He lived in Hartley House, located at Spring Valley Road on Hartley Farms in Harding Township, New Jersey.

The Marcellus Hartley Dodge Award is bestowed in his honour.
Marcellus died on 25 DEC 1963
see [Marcellus HARTLEY's Family ]

>[ Marcellus HARTLEY DODGE Jnr. b.1908 New York City [see below]

Isaac HARTLEY [1804-18__]

Isaac was born in 1804. His parents were Isaac HARTLEY and Isabella JOHNSON and he was the brother of Robert Milham HARTLEY [1796-1881] [see above].
Isaac married Catrina VEDDER in 1846 [No children]. He then married Sarah BARLOW.

>{ Martha HARTLEY b.1838
>{ Alexander HARTLEY b.1846
>{ Frederick HARTLEY b.1848
>{ Eugene C HARTLEY b.1850
>{ Robert Milham HARTLEY b.1851 [see below]



Robert Milham HARTLEY [1851-1945]

Robert Milham HARTLEY
[1851-1945] Businessman, Historian and Educator. Married Almira DILLENBECK in 1889. She died in 1892. Married Almira's sister Elizabeth DILLENBECK 1895.

Robert Milham HARTLEY and wife Elizabeth [seated front] with daughters Jeanne, Laura and Sarah [behind]



Marcellus HARTLEY DODGE [1908-1930]
Marcellus was born 1908. His parents were Marcellus HARTLEY DODGE and Geraldine ROCKEFELLER. He lived on Hartley Farms, Spring Valley Road, New Vernon, NJ.
He was killed in a car accident in France on 29 August 1930, shortly after his graduation from Princeton University in June 1930

see [HARTLEY Hall of Fame M-R ]
see [Marcellus HARTLEY's Family ]


other possible descendants of Rev.David Hartley

>{ David HARTLEY b.11 Nov 1754 North Gate End Presbyterian, Halifax, Yorkshire. His father: David HARTLEY

>{ David HARTLEY b.c.1772 at Ovenden [bapt.21 Mar 1773 Presbyterian, New Malton, Yorkshire]. His father was David HARTLEY. He m. Sarah WHITLEY on 10 July 1791 at Halifax. They had the following children:
John b.17 Jun 1792 -1869 Zion Methodist New Connexion, Ovenden, Yorkshire
>{ Edward b.19 Jul 1795 Zion Methodist New Connexion, Ovenden, Yorkshire
>{ Henry b. 10 Mar 1797 - 1856 m.Martha GOODYEAR [1791-1875] on 18 Nov 1818 at Elland.
>{ Adam b.6 Aug 1798 Zion Methodist New Connexion, Ovenden, Yorkshire
>{ Aaron b.20 Nov 1801 -1851 Zion Methodist New Connexion, Ovenden, Yorkshire
>{ Mary b.c.1800
>{ Barnet b.c.1803
>{ Grace b.c.1814
David d.1751 and is buried at St Matthew Church at Rastrick with his wife Mary [d.1848], son Aaron and g/s Joseph Hartley [1830 -1843].
see John HARTLEY[b.c.1824 at Rastrick] John Hartley and Sons [Cutlery] Sheffield
see IGI ref: J133641 Zion Methodist New Connexion, Ovenden, Yorkshire

>{ William HARTLEY b.c.1776 m.Sarah WHITELEY at Halifax 22 Nov 1802

>{ Bernard HARTLEY b.c.1786 at Overdon. Later lived at Hebden Bridge.

>{ William HARTLEY b.c.1792 at Overden [occupation: Tinner] m.Rebecca LEED [-1846] 2 Aug 1818 at Howarth, Yorkshire.

>{ Simeon HARTLEY b.c.1809 d.17 May 1862 at Rastrick m.Jane PINDER [1808-1865] at Elland on 31 Dec 1829
>{ Thomas b.c.1843 d.1867 at Rastrick

>{ Joseph HARTLEY [1817-25 Aug 1861] m.Susannah [1813-1878]
>{ Sarah [2 Nov 1845-1846] of Brighouse, Yorkshire

>{ Samuel HARTLEY [1823-23 Dec 1864] m.Elizabeth
>{ Mary Ann [1842-1845]
>{ James [1845-1851]
>{ Lancelot [1857-1861]
>{ Mary [ ] }twins, d.infancy
>{ Joseph [ ] }twins d.infancy

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